Our mission is to promote the lifetime sport of tennis in the Greater Fort Worth Area.


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Junior Tennis

Tennis For Kids Of All Ages

Junior tennis has been scaled down to size, with smaller racquets, lower-bouncing balls and shorter courts that allow kids to have success playing right from the start. And as they mature and grow, tennis grows with them. The USTA offers Junior Team Tennis, Junior Tournaments and no-cut high school programs to get kids in the game – and to keep them playing for life.

Through tennis, kids develop the ability to focus, think quickly and strategically, work with a partner and work hard on their own.  DID YOU KNOW:  Tennis players are good students and community citizens.  Over 80% of tennis players will attend college as well as volunteer in their local communities.

Research has found that early positive experiences in sports create a lifelong commitment to an active lifestyle. Tennis is fun for kids of all ages and levels. The sport provides many social, health, and psychological benefits and, unlike some other sports, has a minimal risk of injury.

There are very few sports that kids can pick up at age 4, and still be competing at age 80.

Tennis is more fun and easier than ever. NET Generation is the new and easy way to find youth tennis programs in your area. The NET Generation coach and program search feature make finding play near you simple. Visit NET Generation to find tennis programming near you!

Important Links

The Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition is represented by area tennis organizations.
These organizations offer a variety of adult and junior tennis programs for respective areas.
Visit their website for additional information.

Learn more about USTA programs through these USTA websites.