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Grievance and Appeal Procedures

Grievance Committee Procedures

  1. Captains may file a written Grievance with the League Coordinator (see Local League Coordinators below) within five days of the occurrence or within 24 hours if grievance occurs on the last match of the season.
  2. Upon receipt of the written Grievance, the Local League Coordinator shall immediately forward a copy to the chair of the Grievance Committee and to the party(ies) against whom the grievance has been filed.
  3. Following the receipt of a grievance within 5 business days the Grievance Committee shall investigate the alleged violation, as it deems appropriate. It deemed necessary, the committee shall arrange for a hearing at which the parties involved shall have the opportunity to present evidence.
  4. Once involved parties have been given the opportunity to review and present evidence, the Grievance Committee shall have the power to dismiss or deny the grievance or to direct the correction of any violations by reasonable means, including the suspension of an individual or team. USTA National Reg. 3.03D(2)
  5. The Grievance Committee shall prepare a written decision setting forth the basis for its decision and the deadline for any written appeal (within 72 hours after Grievance Committee Decision has been delivered) and promptly send copies to the parties involved. USTA National Reg. 3.03D(3)

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Grievance Appeal Committee Procedures

  1. The party(ies) appealing shall file a written notice of appeal with the local league coordinator (see Local League Coordinators below), who shall send it to the Grievance Appeal Committee Chair, the Grievance Committee Chair, and to the other party(ies) involved in the grievance. USTA National Reg 3.04A(2)
  2. The Grievance Appeal Committee may base its decision entirely on the findings of fact presented by the Grievance Committee and on the fact submitted in writing by the party(ies) to the appeal. However, if the Grievance Committee did NOT hold a hearing and if any party involved in the grievance so requests in writing, the Grievance Appeal Committee shall hold a hearing. USTA National Reg. 3.04B1&2
  3. The Grievance Appeal Committee shall have the power to affirm, modify, remand for cause (remand the matter to the original Grievance Committee or a new Grievance Committee for reconsideration), or reject the decision of the Grievance Committee. The Appeal Committee shall not impose a harsher penalty than that imposed by the Grievance Committee. USTA National Reg. 3.04B(3)
  4. A copy of the Grievance Appeal Committee’s written decision setting forth the basis of its decision shall be promptly sent to all interested parties and such decisions shall be final and binding. EXCEPTION: Any individual or team suspended for a period of 12 months or more may appeal to the National League Grievance Appeal Committee within the deadline established by the Grievance Appeal Committee (within one week of delivery of written decision). .USTA National Reg. 3.04B(4)


Local League Coordinators

Ladies’ & Lone Star Leagues – fwladiesusta@yahoo.com

Men’s League – mensleague@gfwtennis.com

Mixed Leagues fwladiesusta@yahoo.com

Combo Leaguemm2tennis@yahoo.com

Tri-Level – mensleague@gfwtennis.com

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