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News and Updates

Fall USTA Ft Worth League Updates/Information

2024-Website is updating, please check back soon…..

2024 League Fee Increase

Beginning with the 40 & 55 Leagues, the Ft Worth, USTA League fee will increase from $27 to $32 per player.

Survey Results

The Ft Worth, USTA 40 League Captains for the 2023 season received a survey to vote on the format to be played in the 2024 season, 62% voted for the 1 single, 3 double format. Thank you to all the captains who took the time to complete the survey. Playoffs will follow the 1 single, 3 double format.

USTA National announces change in format for the 40 League for 2024
The new format will be 4 lines of doubles, 1 single. The Texas sectional committee will follow the format, however every “local league” here in Texas may choose to follow their current format or change to the new format. Teams advancing to sectionals/nationals will follow the new format of 4 doubles, 1 single.


USTA Captain/Player Corner

Interested in Captaining, information is available HERE
Adult League Reference Guide -important league info! 
ITF World Tennis Number, more information is available HERE






Texas Sectional Info-Update for 2024

2023 Texas Sectional Schedule-
We are happy to announce the 65+ Sectionals will be held in the Ft Worth, USTA Texas playing area! We look forward to having teams from around the state come to our area and play. Updates to come as we approach the 65+ Sectionals.

Team Information-Sectionals-Fee increase for players attending

Your team is advancing to Texas Sectionals, you can find all the information HERE for hotels/restaurants/rules/regulations. USTA Texas has announced a $30 per player fee for all players attending sectionals, beginning with the 2024 Tri-Level Sectional tournament. More information will be sent to those captains advancing to sectionals.


Volunteer in your area!

Volunteers are always needed in our local Community Tennis Association’s (CTA), please see our “About” information to reach out to a representative in your area to volunteer. Volunteers are needed,  feel free to reach out to your local CTA for those opportunities.


Latest Ft Worth, USTA Adult Information

A note on 40 & 55 Playoffs–USTA Ft Worth playoffs will be un-officiated. Guidelines will be set in place and communicated to all the captains to assist teams/players in getting through the matches. Warm up courts are available when teams were assigned to a court, this is in effort to give teams an “equal” warm up, if you are assigned to a court, you are allowed to warm up on those courts only.  We hope everyone will agree in an effort to be fair to “all” the assigning of courts is in the best interest of fair play to all.  Assistants are allowed from each of the teams or a neutral party may assist with line calls and score keeping.  We greatly appreciate teams working through the matches, utilizing the assistance available, and working with us on court assignments. Comments/suggestions may be directed to adultleagues@gfwtennis.com

Important Links

The Greater Fort Worth Tennis Coalition is represented by area tennis organizations.
These organizations offer a variety of adult and junior tennis programs for respective areas.
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